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A Unique Approach To Total Health & Wellness 

You have found us because you have a series of seemingly unrelated symptoms that are disrupting your life.  We know that you want total health and wellness and our approach to your health is unique because we look at the whole body and brain, not just individual symptoms.  Your brain is like the central processing unit for your body.  Your brain runs everything.  Chronic headaches, numbness, learning disorders, shooting pain are symptoms of a brain imbalance.  These symptoms are a way for your body to tell you that something is not functioning right in your brain.


When you have pain it is like a warning light on your car.  Simply unplugging the light does not mean you have fixed the problem.  We help you fix the parts of body that are not working and we also help you fix the part of brain that is not working.  We do this through using tools and techniques that stimulate the part of brain that is not functioning properly.  This allows you to stay Healthy for Life because you have not just turned off the warning light, you have fixed the problem.

How do we fix the brain?

With a computer, when the central processing unit goes bad everything starts to run slow or not at all.  It is the same with your body.  You may notice headaches, numbness or pain, which is the body's way of saying you need to repair the brain, your central processing unit.

Chiropractic Neurology is different in that we address and fix the root of the problem at the source.  You walk out of the office with less pain and suffering and you walk out of our office with a brain that is functioning properly that can maintain a state of health.

We use several different modalities.  You will experience powerful adjusting tools that are like no other techniques you have experienced in the medical or chiropractic field.  We adjust those parts of your body that will stimulate the part of brain that is not functioning properly.  You may also be given exercises, light therapies and nutritional support and other stimulus to jump start the brain.

What is Chiropractic Neurology?

Chiropractic Neurology is the most advanced form of chiropractic care available.  We address many of the same conditions that medical neurologists do, but without any invasive procedures or drugs.  Chiropractic Neurologists are trained to handle all the standard chiropractic conditions and then they receive a post-doctorate degree that trains them in how to help your brain function properly.  We relieve the pain and suffering and we fix the source of that pain and suffering, the brain.

Benefits: Elimination of pain, discomfort; increased energy and stamina; greater range of motion/balance; and more.


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  • "Dr. Ambridge takes a thorough holistic approach to overall body and brain wellness. He gets to the root of the issue(s) instead of just treating symptoms. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ambridge and his staff at the Chiropractic Neurology Center!"
    Stefanie M.