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Vestibular rehabilitation is possible.  You can stop suffering.  You will have a complete neurological assessment and treatment specific to vertigo.  Dr. Ambridge is a board certified chiropractic/functional neurologist and is uniquely trained to diagnose various conditions through a functional neurology exam, and then develop a course of treatment based on what that exam reveals.  Vertigo is one of many conditions that can be identified and treated by a chiropractic neurologist.  Proper testing, diagnosis and treatment of vertigo require highly specialized training that a board certified chiropractic neurologist like Dr. Ambridge has received.

Common types of vertigo:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – you experience a spinning sensation often when tilting head back, turning head quickly or rolling over in bed
  • Vestibular Migraine – your dizziness starts within hours to minutes before migraine starts
  • Meneire’s Disease – this can include a combination of dizziness/vertigo, hearing loss and often fullness in the same ear
  • Vestibular Neuronitis – this has a spinning or dizzy sensation that typically begins after being sick or having an ear infection
  • Perilymphatic Fistula – your vestibular apparatus in your inner ear actually breaks the seal- felt often when baring down and dizziness after loud sounds. Can be caused by trauma.

Vertigo is most often described as a feeling of spinning or losing balance when moving the head.  It is a feeling of dizziness, imbalance, lightheadedness or a spinning sensation in an otherwise stable environment.  Vertigo is often a short-term problem, although vertigo can lead to other issues. Sometimes a chronic issue on one side of your brain or body can create problems on the other side of your body or brain.

What sets North Idaho Chiropractic Neurology Center apart, is our evaluation process and therapy application using a functional medicine approach to help you regain your balance and stability. You may have the same vertigo symptoms as someone else, but your findings will likely be completely different based on your body and the reasons behind your condition.

Chiropractic neurology is another level of expertise beyond chiropractic. It requires very specialized training, and the DACNB board certification is very difficult to attain.  As chiropractic neurologists we know that specific neurological rehabilitation, head maneuvers and proprioceptive therapies aimed at stabilizing the eyes, inner ear and proprioceptive systems help to decrease symptoms and actually correct the underlying problem. If you want relief and you’re not sure what the underlying problem is, please do not hesitate to call NICNC for an evaluation.


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  • "Dr. Ambridge takes a thorough holistic approach to overall body and brain wellness. He gets to the root of the issue(s) instead of just treating symptoms. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ambridge and his staff at the Chiropractic Neurology Center!"
    Stefanie M.