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Stroke Rehab

As a Chiropractic (Functional) Neurologist, Dr. Ambridge has received hundreds of hours of training in neurology with the training based specifically on “brain-based neurological rehabilitation” to restore the patient’s brain functions and to help people regain whole body function.  Over the past 30 plus years, he has accumulated thousands of hours of clinical experience in brain-based neurological rehabilitation and has worked with stroke patients to help them regain their lives.  The mainstream/popular therapies employed today in rehabilitating stroke are not directed to restoring brain function to normal. They are directed mostly to relearning the skills of everyday living and teaching the stroke patients to “live with their disabilities.” Often, after care in the hospital (initial 30 to 60 days after stroke) the patient is given “rehabilitative therapy” with the physical/occupational/speech therapist. While these therapies are very helpful, the underlying neurological condition must be addressed to restore the greatest amount of function possible.

If you have suffered from a stroke and are still experiencing a multitude of problems please call NICNC to get back to health!


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  • "Dr. Ambridge takes a thorough holistic approach to overall body and brain wellness. He gets to the root of the issue(s) instead of just treating symptoms. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ambridge and his staff at the Chiropractic Neurology Center!"
    Stefanie M.