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Relief is on its way.  There are natural ways to approach proper brain function.  We offer hope for those seeking healthy solutions to the challenges of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADD, ADHD, learning disorders and other less defined brain imbalances.  We also offer programs tailored to athletes of all ages who want to improve their sports performance.  We help optimize brain function so that you get peak performance whether it is on the field or in the classroom. 

What You Can Expect If Your Child Enrolls in Our Program:

• Increased reading rate and improved comprehension.
• Improvement in grade level of challenging subjects
• Improved attention and focus
• Increased enjoyment of your "real" child
• Improved school performance and behavior

What the Learning Enhancement Program Includes:

• Comprehensive Assessment
• Chiropractic Neurology Assessment
• Brain Rehabilitation (can include Interactive Metronome)           
• Drug-free, Pain-Free Therapies
• Nutritional Counseling for optimal brain function

What You Can Expect If You Enroll in Our Program:

  • Improved Brain Function 
  • Better Concentration and Focus
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Improved Mood and Neurotransmitter Function
  • Optimum Performance in Your Sport

What the Learning Enhancement Program Includes:

• Comprehensive Assessment
• Chiropractic Neurology Assessment
• Brain Rehabilitation 
• Drug-free, Pain-Free Therapies
• Nutritional Counseling for optimal brain function

Do something out of the ordinary and treat yourself or your child to the best gift of health you can give.  Optimizing your brain function now will change you and/or your child's future.  You will never regret the decision to enroll your child or yourself in the Learning Enhancement Program.   

Benefits: Greater concentration and attention span; greater gross/fine motor skill control

Finally…Real Help and Hope For

Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Including ADD, ADHD and Learning Challenges


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  • "Dr. Ambridge takes a thorough holistic approach to overall body and brain wellness. He gets to the root of the issue(s) instead of just treating symptoms. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ambridge and his staff at the Chiropractic Neurology Center!"
    Stefanie M.